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Support Touch Berlin and the Capital Cup by pre-ordering some awesome stuff. Items will also be available for purchase during the Capital Cup, but there is limited stock - the early bird gets the worm!

To pick up you pre-orders, simply give your details at the Capital Cup 'Awesome Stuff' booth during June 1st and 2nd, pay in cash (donation) and then show off your new swag. 


'Peacock Power' - Capital Cup Edition Steeden Ball

Presenting the Capital Cup’s Special Deluxe Edition 'Peacock Power' ball. The Peacock Power is handcrafted in zero gravity by Shaolin Monks to ensure Matrix- like finger touch control.

Disclaimer: It should be noted that some consumers may become mesmerised by the Peacock Power in flight and therefore forget to catch the ball.

20 Euro Donation -LIMITED STOCK


'Blue Steel' - Capital Cup Edition Steeden Ball

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the Capital Cup 'Blue Steel' ball- welded together in the steelworks of Pittsburgh by the toughest of touch players.

For those players in search of the glitz and glamour, the 'Blue Steel' is the ideal ball for you. The ball has built-in heat seeking long ball technology which will find the winger's soft hands out wide with a guaranteed 100% catch success rate.

20 Euro Donation -LIMITED STOCK


'Pink Predator' - Capital Cup Edition Steeden Ball

The Capital Cup 'Pink Predator' ball was created and tailored in Milan's underground fashion district, the 'Pink Predator' is then lacquered with 'unicorn musk' to give it an undeniable presence on any pitch.

WARNING: The 'Pink Predator' can induce an intoxicating greediness in players who then may refuse to part ways with their muse. This may result in a high Dummy half being caught rate and awkward transition moments.

20 Euro Donation -LIMITED STOCK


Capital Cup Vest - Produced by Belief Sportswear

The Capital Cup Vest is a sure-fire way to create a fun and friendly jealous rift with your team mates that stayed back home, simply wear at every training and remind them of your amazing Berlin anecdotes that they weren't part of.

SPECIAL DEAL: For those getting married this year, look no further for bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits, the Capital Cup Vest offers the perfect one stop bridal party solution.

Women's sizes: XS (8), S (10), M (12), L (14), XL (16) 

Men's sizes: S, M, L, XL

38 Euro Donation - LIMITED STOCK


Capital Cup Printed T-Shirt

The Capital Cup t-shirt styled for both men and woman will be the new jewel in your printed T collection.

WARNING: Prepare yourself for complete strangers asking you where you bought it.

Women's sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Men's sizes: S, M, L, XL

15 Euro Donation - LIMITED STOCK